The Complete Tarot and Oracle Journal


The award-winning Complete Tarot and Oracle Journal is the ultimate solution for those who struggle with keeping track of their tarot and oracle readings. With this dedicated journal, you can consolidate all your notes, spreads, and interpretations in one beautiful and practical place. The journal is divided into four sections, providing space for your card of the day readings, various card spread suggestions, your own custom spreads, and a section for recording all your readings with suggestions for what to note. Whether you are an experienced reader or a beginner, this journal is a guide and a notebook, serving as a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their reading skills and track their progress.

Consolidate all your tarot and oracle readings in one place with The Complete Tarot and Oracle Journal. Divided into four sections, it includes space for daily card readings, spread suggestions, custom spreads, and recorded interpretations. Perfect for beginners and experienced readers alike, this guide serves as a practical tool to improve your skills and track your progress.

ISBN: 9781922579621

Published: Nov/22 (AU/NZ), Sep/22 (US), Nov/22 (UK)

Format: Hardback

Extent: 208 pages

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 30 × 3 cm


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